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survivorcbs's Journal

survivor cbs
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The Rules:

We'll keep it simple. If you can't follow them, you're out. Zero tolerance.

1) All spoilers MUST be posted behind cuts, no matter what. [If it's something that's been aired within the last week or so, cut it. If you're not sure if its a spoiler, cut it. Not cutting a spoiler will result in a ban.] IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE A LJ-CUT, CLICK HERE
2) Be respectful of others and their opinions.
3) No flame wars.
4) No spamming/community advertisements. These posts will be deleted and marked as spam.
5) Fend for yourself. Mods aren't around 24/7. Be reasonable.
6) Feel free to post icons that you make, but they can only be SURVIVOR related. If showing off a huge amount of them, place the bulk of them behind a cut.