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Help with Survivor Trivia?

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Feb. 16th, 2013 | 09:30 pm
posted by: thatgaychick in survivorcbs

Hi there,

I need some help with answers to this trivia.  Would you be so kind as to help?

1. Who was the only person in Survivor to make it to the finals without being voted for.
2. What Survivor(s) have been in possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol that was never played:
3. How many episodes has Jeff P been seen on?
4. Jerri Manthey says she felt she was the first what? Villainess
5. 1This Survivor(s) was/were involved romantically with Jeff Probst:
6. Number of quitters / number of tribe colors + number of tribe swaps x tribe selected tribes + number of contestants = ?
7. Which Survivor has played in the most seasons?
8. Which location is known as the Islands of Fire?
9. What castaway broke the immunity idol?
10. Name the show and the day with the earliest merge
11. What male survivor was arrested for drugs?
12. Whose belonged to most tribes?
13. What survivor castaway got tattoos represent their season?
14. What is the record for most votes of a Survivor and what Season and episode was it?
15. What was shown running across the screen at the very beginning of the show when the Murlonio Tribe returned to camp?
16. In episode 9 of Survivor Marquesas, what tribe won reward?
17. What was the first season of Survivor to feature Exile Island:
18. What season was the first to ever have interaction with natives from the location they were having the season in ?
19. How many viewers did the first episode of Season 26 receive?
20. Who was the 3rd female winner of survivor?
21. Who voted for Stephanie to win at the final tribal council in Survivor Guatemala?
22. Which season was this said: "Your way too close"?
23. What Survivor(s) Bid $400 for a Cheese Burger and Fries:
24. Which tribe was the worst in survivor history, not winning a single immunity challenge?
25. Hispanic contestants + Caucasian contestants - African amer. contestants x asian contestants =
26. Number of countries filmed for US show, + the number of contestants
that made the jury stage of the game, - number of mutinies taken =
27. Number of seasons luxury items were allowed + number of African American contestants - number of yellow tribes =
28. Number of survivors in multiple seasons X number of LGBT survivor contestants + number of all males tribes / number of all female
tribes =
29. Who was the last person in Heroes Vs Villains to play an HII?
30. This Survivor is a member of the NRA.
31. How many Johns were there on Survivor?
32. What Survivor(s) have never attended Tribal Council:
33. Who was the first person to play a hidden immunity idol?
34. What castaway couldn't fit the immunity necklace around their neck?
35. How many Libra's have there been in survivor?

Thank you in advance

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